Deflation, Inflation, or a Rosy Road Ahead? (and What it Means for Your Family)

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Most economists today see us entering a protracted deflationary depression similar to the Great Depression.  Others (including many of the most spectacularly successful investors of all time) see a very serious inflation (and perhaps Hyper-Inflation) on the horizon.  Most of the talking head economists on the TV however assume that we’re in just another recession that will move into one more recovery as we’ve always seen before (in our lifetimes).

So which is the truth? What facts are there that would lead you to believe one over the other?  And why does it matter to you?

One of these would lead to a situation where many more people lose their jobs.  Many companies would go out of business.  Investments in stocks, bonds, & real estate would all suffer.

The other would lead to the basics of life costing much more than you are accustomed to spending perhaps making the simplest of life’s necessities more costly than you can imagine (and perhaps totally unavailable).

Or maybe everything will be fine.  While there aren’t really any facts saying everything will be fine, there are quite a few lined up to show that we will face one of the first two scenarios.  For you to be fully prepared and perhaps even take advantage, you need to have an idea of which direction you believe we are headed and a fully developed strategy for how to navigate these waters.

The times when we could ignore the big picture and be okay, are behind us.  These decisions are crucial to your financial success or failure!

We at Kingdom Calling do not have an entrenched position on exactly what and when things will happen.  On the other hand, we do have an opinion on what will most probably happen and are taking steps to be successful no matter which of these two scenarios takes place (or as we suspect, if both do!)

On Tuesday, March 16th, at 7:30pm, we will discuss each of these scenarios, what contributing factors point towards each of them, and what you can do to prepare, so that you are not shipwrecked financially, but instead can position yourself to profit.

If you leave this event thinking that one scenario is most likely, you will know how to position yourself.  If you leave feeling the other is most likely, than you will also know what to do.  If like us, you believe that it is entirely possible that first one and then the other happens, you will have a game plan for that as well.

Along the way, we’ll discuss strategies and techniques that you can use to evaluate whether you should move forward with any investment that you are contemplating.  Far too many people make uneducated choices to only later regret them.  This is not a time to let that happen to you!

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This post is Part 1 in the series Inflation or Deflation.

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