Economic News: What in the World is Going on?

Economic Shocks continue to rock the world.  Riots and Uprisings continue throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  The US Treasury Secretary has agreed with China that the US Dollar should no longer by supreme in the world.  The World Bank President issues and ominous warning.  These are just the first few stories we cover in this economic news brief.  The first video in this latest iteration of a continuing series of economic updates can be found here.

Do you understand that the Western countries which have lead the world economy for centuries have borrowed and spent their way into such a serious mess that there’s no easy (or even moderately difficult) way out.  If you’ve been following our work here for a while, you surely do.  But do you realize that Japan and China are having serious difficulties as well.  These are two of the three largest economies in the world.  China is supposed to be the engine that drives new growth.  Things are now turning ugly there as well.  We discuss all this plus news about oil and energy shortages.  Here’s the video…

We hope you enjoy this video.  If you have not seen The Coming Storm video, you should do so immediately to have a fuller understanding of what lies ahead.  You can do so for free by going here.  Please let us know what you think of this presentation or if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

Some previous economic update videos we did can be found at 1) Hyperinflation in the US?, 2) Hyperinflation signs worldwide,  3) Stock Market & Economy Update, 4) Gold & Silver, and at 5) Government Horrors.  If you are receiving this post as an email or in a reader, you might have to click the post title to take you to the internet to watch the video.  thanks for watching!

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