Gold & Silver Updates & Commentary

Gold & Silver have been on a tear over the last month, year, or decade…whatever time frame you want to focus on.  I came across several extremely interesting commentaries, factoids, and charts and thought I would pass them along to you here.  You also might want to check out the two most recent videos we did on gold and silver if you haven’t seen them yet since they reveal some extraordinary market information.

A Nervous New World; Commentary by Ted Butler – Ted is the world’s foremost expert on the silver market and chronicles the bullion bank manipulation better than anyone so his commentary is always worthwhile although this one is outside the box of his normal, more technical fare.

Marc Faber – The “Great (Monetary) Reset” Will Destroy Cash – Marc makes an interesting calculation that I’ve never seen before in this King World News Blog.  He says, “…I just calculated if we take an average gold price of say around $350 in the 1980’s and then we compare that to the average monetary base in the 1980’s, and to the average US government debt in the 1980’s…but if I compare this to the price of gold to these government debts and monetary base, then gold hasn’t gone up at all.  It’s gone actually against these monetary aggregates and against debt it has actually gone down.    So I could make the case that probably gold is today very inexpensive….”

Charting David Rosenberg’s Thesis: “No Gold Bubble Until $3,000” – This zero hedge piece might assuage fears if you’ve found yourself wondering, “Is it smart to buy gold at an all time high?”  Alot of great graphs here!

Of course, it is natural for gold and silver to take breathers along their way up.  If the debt ceiling is resolved before a default or downgrade of US Treasuries, then it seems like an excellent time for that to happen.  But don’t let short term swings discourage you if you are buying long term savings.  Let us know if you found these articles helpful.

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