How to Accelerate Abundance – Now

So far we’ve discussed 4 of the 7 ordered steps we at Kingdom Calling take our clients through to realize proper financial stewardship for those prepared to answer their special and unique calling from God.  So far, each of these steps has been preparatory.  Each follows the last to lend perspective, aid in clarity, and teach about financial realities.

Its now, at stage 5, The Abundance Accelerator, that we prompt those in our system to act.  Because now they’re ready to act in accord with their path, and with a truer knowledge of what will actually work best for them.

We call this mountain top “The Abundance Accelerator.”

By now, we’ll have helped you identify many resources that you have at your disposal  – most  that you didn’t even realize you have.  If you’re like most of our clients, you’ll sometimes feel that now that you know what you know, you’re actually missing an opportunity.  If only you had a little more money to work with, you could really maximize the benefits.  The reality is that you likely have many more resources than you realize.  So we help you uncover what all of those possibilities are.

Once we do so, we lend you numerous strategies and possibilities to allocate these resources with a focus on the highest possible cash flow towards the purpose God is calling you to.
This is the stage where all these puzzle pieces come together.  Once the resources, strategies, and opportunities are identified, it is simply a matter of taking action.  Many educational programs have a lot of great theories and philosophies that can get you really excited, but you leave that education and can’t figure out how to actually implement this change in your life.

The Abundance Accelerator is about helping you take action.  Progress is initiated.  Success is one step closer.

Merry Christmas!

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