Relationships: Government, Kingdom and Economy

Entrance into God's Kingdom is available toward those who willingly submit to His government and authority.
Entrance into God's Kingdom is available for those who willingly submit to His government and authority.

The originals meanings of the words economy and government are scarcely much different than in their theological and spiritual connotations. However, the differences and relationship between the two are evident today:

For example:

  1. The economy is only part of the care and policy-making of a government.  It is mainly part and parcel of the the material well-being of the people and the nation.
  2. The economy is subject to laws that go beyond the influence of a government, especially in a free market.
  3. The economy provides stability for the government, but it can only do so much, while good government will ultimately benefit the economy.

What are the differences and similarities between government, economy and kingdom?

A kingdom is one form of government and enjoys every aspect of being a government. The Kingdom of God’s  government rests on the shoulders of Christ, which is the head of the Body. It takes divine order and authority issued and delegated by Christ Himself,  which is given by God the Father, in and through the Church as a spiritual embodiment of His government, to uphold and expand His Kingdom against the evil forces of the kingdom of darkness.

Again, an economy is an integral part of a kingdom.  In the Kingdom of God, the grace of God works along His good will and pleasure to accomplish the plan in a progressive fashion. This is the fundamental economy of the Kingdom of God, whose government provides for and protects this course of God’s good will towards His people.

An earthly government relies on its faculties and knowledge of so-called economic laws and principles, mainly observatory and experiential, to devise, monitor, readjust and regulate the economic process as elements of its core or subsidiary economic policies. The lack of full knowledge and wisdom on the part of the government is felt strongest at times of great stress, confusion and turmoil, with the complication of conflicts of interest and lack of justice and good will on man’s part.

Not so in the Kingdom of God:

  • God governs His Kingdom with full knowledge and wisdom – He knows the end from the beginning. Economy is but His means to the end which He set before the world came to be.
  • God governs His Kingdom with absolute justice and righteousness.
  • God governs His Kingdom with His love, mercy, compassion toward those who submit willingly to His government and economy. But to those who rebel against Him, they will reap what they sow: destruction and death in the end.
  • The Economy of the Kingdom of God is upheld by God’s absolute authority and power in agreement with the working out of His will, which in essence is the work of His grace.

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