Stock Market Crash? Here are the signs

is a Stock Market Crash coming soon? Here are the signs…  the world economy is teetering on the edge of another crash.  This will include a stock market crash which directly affects most of us directly, but it will also be in many other areas.  If you missed the first economic update video in this series you can view it here. Many of you will have missed it because I coded Monday’s blog post incorrectly.  I’m sorry for the mistake and the inconvenience to you!

Today’s video focuses on the biggest news items of the last 6 weeks which relate to the coming stock market crash, real estate problems and other economic indicators showing that our economy is taking a giant turn for the worse.  Because it was about 6 weeks since my last report, I’m sticking to what I feel like are the biggest news items in both this video.

As you’ll see, there have been some major harbingers of trouble for the US economy (like a stock market crash coming soon).  I hope you enjoy this video and that it helps you prepare…

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