The Flood Dream – Pt 2

This month’s newsletter focused on the spiritual preparation the Lord is calling each of us too instead of the economic storm that we’ve been typically focusing on.  Since we haven’t had any spiritual posts in a while for you the blog reader, we thought we would share it here in two parts.  To sign up for the  newsletter click the following link.  We’ve been talking about the difficult times ahead for two years now.

Here’s Part 2 of the Flood Dream Newsletter….

Set my little dog Coconut down and slid off the pole.”  To me, this symbolizes the fact that we will have to leave behind the ways of our carnal selves.  My friend Tim loved his dog.  In this dream, he had to give up his dog in order to save his own life.  If he would have tried to save the dog too, they would have both been overcome by the flood.

Most all of us will have to face some very stark choices.  The reality is that most Christians have been living a life more in the world than apart from it.  This means that the carnal/fallen nature has ruled more of our lives than the life of the Spirit.  We are blessed that in our day the Lord is doing something about this!

But it means that we must die to those areas of ourselves that our flesh holds dear.  It’s a painful process to give up something that we love.  But God knows that these things are actually death to us.  And He’s bringing about an intervention so that we must either choose the Abundant Life or Death.

This is not harsh, although our flesh will always hate it.  This is LOVE!  When we love our child, we discipline them in ways that they do not like.  They scream and feel that their little world is coming to an end because of the unjust treatment we are dealing them.  But we know that they will grow to be better people because of the discipline.  We are shaping their character.  In much the same way, although with far greater wisdom, The Lord is helping us to understand the difference between living for His eternal Kingdom vs. spending our lives for the dying world we have grown so fond of.

You will be challenged in the days and years ahead to set aside things that you have always felt were incredibly important to a “good life”.  Things will be taken from you without option.  Or you will have to choose to leave behind these things.  It will not be easy.

But seek the Lord, and He will lead you to a more abundant life.  To greener pastures.  He is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life, and in this Day, His narrow way is the only way!

Men had been planning the Flood, but now they themselves were caught up in it.” This is probably not an important point for your life, but I found it interesting.  The political class of the world and perhaps some that influence them have, for more than a century, been continually manipulating world economics in ways that they felt were good.  Whether they did it to benefit themselves, or because they felt they had the wisdom to direct the world in a way that would be best for all, it does not matter.  These things have amplified in recent years to where a handful of men in backrooms are attempting to decide the fate of the world.  It is impossible.  Only God can do such.

Their plans will not go the way they intend.  It has been foolish for the world to give them so much power over the last century.  Centuries ago, it was one thing for the serfs of the world to complain of what their King did.  But we have willingly turned away from God and handed more and more power over to politicians to take care of us.  Well, the US lasted as a prosperous nation longer than Israel remained an undivided Kingdom under David and Solomon after the people of God, in the time of the Judges, screamed out for a king to provide for them.

The supplies and food the people on the balcony had would not last this long… 3 ½ years.”  This part stood out to me for a couple reasons.  We are living in the time when the Man-Child is being born from the Woman of Revelation 12, which just so happens to mention this three and a half year time period.  So the number certainly got my attention.

Also, many people have asked me, “How long do I need to prepare for?” when thinking of stocking up on food, etc.  I’ve always said that I don’t know the answer to that.  And really, my answer isn’t going to change now because the point of this dream is that the Lord is our provision, not things of this world that we stock up.  But it is interesting to see this time period and could give some frame of reference to someone preparing in practical worldly ways if they give credence to this dream.

The Best is Yet To Come!

If you love the Lord above all else, this period of transition, as the Kingdom comes, will be an extraordinary blessing for you!  It’s true, that it will probably hurt in certain ways as you realize the many ways in which you hold your own life up before that of the Lord’s.  But as you are refined, the Lord’s purity and holiness will take hold.

You will come to know Him as you never have before.  All of us who seek Him with all of our hearts will find this peace and joy.  The journey will look different for everyone.  There is a first fruits company who have already experienced much of this pruning.  But everyone who is willing to lose their own life to take up His will find bread that others know nothing about and living waters to quench their thirst.  Always seek God no matter the circumstances and you will be blessed!

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