The Gospel of the Kingdom Symposium – February 16th, 2010

Why do we accept a watered down version of the Gospel?
Why do we accept a watered down version of the Gospel?

You’re familiar with typical representation of the Gospel:

Man, through Adam, sinned and thus was separated from God.  Jesus then was sent to the world to live a life absent of sin and thus redeem mankind from eternal damnation by offering Himself as the needed sacrifice.  Thus for all those who accept Him, a wonderful, eternal life in Heaven awaits us after we die.

The problem is…this isn’t the gospel!  Am I speaking blasphemy?  Or is it possible that we’ve supposed a half truth as being the whole truth so many times that we don’t question it anymore even though scripture does not line up with it?

Jesus came to introduce the Gospel of the Kingdom of God (Heaven) as a new reality invading this world and your life to totally and completely remake it; that what is left should be totally foreign to the broken world around us in THIS LIFE (and in the one to come).  This was the main purpose of His life and this is what He preached.  As a matter of fact, although you can find a couple instances, you would be hard pressed to find Jesus talking about the afterlife.  He preached about God’s abundant life overcoming and replacing our own in this life now!

His disciples and apostles then carried this message and continued expanding this good news.  All the while they focused on God’s eternal life blossoming within your own so that the change and the resultant glory would be unmistakable both to you and to those around you.  This is the Good News!

Unfortunately, Man has watered down the message and not taken the fullness of life offered to us.  Or, in other parts of the Body, we have made it solely about gifts as if the LIFE is in the gift and not in the Giver.

A new season is upon us.  A time to set ourselves apart for the Lord and receive the fullness of what He is offering.  We will take some time Tuesday, February 16th at 7:30pm in Austin, Texas to discuss this most fundamental tenant of the faith.

We’ll discuss:

  1. What is the Kingdom?
  2. How do we receive it?
  3. What did Jesus teach about the Kingdom?
  4. What did the Apostles teach about the Kingdom?
  5. How can we see this throughout the entirety of God’s purpose for Man?
  6. What does this show us of the new season which is upon us?

We pray that this is an event at which the Lord touches and teaches you.  Head knowledge can be important in financial matters, but it is useless in spiritual matters.  It only leads to pride.  We pray that the Lord teaches us all as we discuss the life which He calls us to.  We’d love for you to join us.  You can sign up here for this free symposium.

This is Part 1 in the series Kingdom of God.

Photo credit: AJ French

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