The Inner Work: Part 1

Are you diligently seeking God with a pure heart?
Are you diligently seeking God with a pure heart?

We continue our discussion of us being made in God’s image and likeness. It’s amazing that God can tell us what He’s going to do around the world and then we can watch and see it happen.  It’s incredibly humbling and awe inspiring to be able to hear God’s voice telling you in advance of such huge worldwide events and then see them come to pass.  But really….Knowing the big picture is not all that important unless He has made that important for you, but your life with God on the other hand is very important!

Are you seeking Him with a whole heart? Are you being taught by Him?  Are you fellowshipping with those in this same place?

Questions to ask yourself in all areas of your life: Do you really seek God fully?  Or do you just want Him at certain points and times?  You’ll probably want to even examine the ways you think you are seeking Him.  Are you really seeking Him with clean hands and a pure heart, or are you worshiping and serving in ways that actually are not what He is calling you to, but something that is satisfying something else in you entirely?  Are you using Him to get something else that you want?

In this hour, it’s important to examine all our motives.  Only you and He know what is in the depths of your heart.  And your enemy may have hidden it from you so well, that if you don’t stop and take stock, you might not even realize some of the things motivating you.

However, if you truly want to give your life completely to Him, and you do take stock in your life and continually look to give every area of your life to Him, He will reveal the areas where you need to repent (turn around) and take up His way.  He may reveal many to you at once.  Or He may first just reveal the thing you need to give over to Him first.  Later, there will be more.  It’s important that we understand that just because we sometimes hear God, this does not mean that we are living the exact life that He calls us to.  There is always more.

The flip side to this is that if you truly have a pure heart towards Him, and you seek Him diligently, you do not need to worry about missing the best that He has for you.  He brings these things about.  All we can do is desire Him, and He will make all things clear and new.

We’ll continue this topic in tomorrow’s blog post.

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