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We are excited to let you know about an upcoming change to our website. We originally wanted the web address –  but it was not available, so we went with In the meantime, has become available, so we bought it and are now moving there.  We are making this switch on November 23rd.
We hope you’ll join us.

One important thing to note: if you are an RSS Feed Reader, your feed will be interrupted on November 23rd.  To continue receiving this blog feed, you should sign up again at on Monday, the 23rd.

The two primary areas of focus for us here at Kingdom Calling are always Stewardship and Calling.  For us, stewardship deals with helping you best care for your life in every way, including financially.  Your calling, of course refers to who God is calling you to be and what He is calling you into.

Recently, we’ve been discussing the Coming Storm hitting the world from both a spiritual and a financial perspective.  We’ve laid down a solid foundation for study and prayer towards spiritual growth in 16 important dimensions of the spiritual life.

We’ve discussed areas of focus to establish a solid foundation for your financial life so that whatever happens in the world, you will be as prepared as possible for it. Included in this were areas such as all the possible ways that insurance should be constructed to protect you the way you would want it to with the smallest possible cost. Most people never get this education.  We’ve also talked about ways to position and structure your savings so that you can weather any storm. So that you’re as protected as possible from any emergency that comes your way and position to take advantage of any opportunity. We’ve also talked about ways to structure a defense against the sudden demise of the dollar.

We hope you’ve found our discussions thoughtful.  And we hope you’ll join us as we continue to explore your Kingdom Calling.

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