This Blog: Moving Forward

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, we’re moving!  We’re changing our web address from

We are making this switch on November 23rd.

Important: if you are an RSS Feed Reader, your feed may be interrupted on November 23rd.  To continue receiving this blog feed, you may need to go sign up again at on Monday or afterward.

It may be a small inconvenience, but we plan to make it worth the effort.

Moving forward, we’ll get deeper into topics such as stewardship, your calling, and The Coming Storm, along with new areas of focus. We’ll look very deeply into questions such as, “In a world that is shaking so much, how do you decide which investment is the right investment for you? How do you put your money to work without risking losing everything?  How do you align your spiritual faith with what you do with your money?”

We’ll also discuss different types of investments and how they work along with other investments.

We also plan to look at different areas to consider when stewarding your financial life: What are the key areas to consider, and what we here at Kingdom Calling have to teach people.

So be aware of the change we’re making, and if need be, go sign up again at

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