Tithing, Leverage & Velocity

The tithe can also help us understand a couple of financial principles. We’ll cover these in more concrete ways later, but tithing utilizes both leverage and velocity.

When we tithe, the velocity of our money creates an impact greater than we can imagine
When we tithe, the velocity of our money creates an impact greater than we can imagine

We’ve already spoken about the fact that when we tithe, we are giving something that is not ours to help someone else and in return receiving future benefit. This is the concept of leverage.

Velocity involves the movement of money through a system that actually increases the amount and affect of money simply through the movement. This is measured in national economies and corporations, but too often ignored in personal finance – as we’ll see later.

Tithing increases velocity because we take money out of our system and put it into others’ systems. That money instantly impacts both us and them. If we’ve given it to a local church, and then they give it to someone else, that person is also blessed by the same dollar. And as that person spends the money, someone else is blessed. And since we have already established that God will bless us as we bless others, He will give you even more money from which to repeat this process.

The dollars become more powerful because they are affecting more lives. And you, as a part of the Body of Christ, become a more direct and real representative of God as you share His blessings with others. The Kingdom of God is built on this concept and if the Church would simply wake up to what He has been telling us for millennia, the work will be done in no time!

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