What do You Think?

I’ve got a plan – and I want your feedback.

For the next couple of weeks, in place of my normal discussions on scripture – which have led us half way through Mathew at this point – I intend to relate the story of the truly surreal and remarkably spiritual mission trip I took to Israel in 2007.

My intention is not to stray far from a spiritual study – only to come at it from a more personal, application-oriented level.

What do you think?  Are you enjoying our scriptural studies to this point?  Would you have me rejoin the study sooner rather than later?

I will listen and react to your feedback.

But in the meantime….

As I begin typing this recap of our 2007 Shavuot (Pentecost) mission trip to Israel, I’m chuckling at the fact that I’m eating yogurt. I didn’t like yogurt before this trip, but spending 3 weeks in an Israeli hospital suffering from extensive burns and being told by the hospital staff you must eat all the dairy you can in order to heal will change you.

Then I realize that that’s not a good way to start this story because I got engaged to the woman of my dreams on this trip.  That’s a headliner and a pretty neat story.  Oh and by the way, we went to give ourselves in the work of the Lord and we saw Him show up in powerful ways.  Getting to walk where Jesus, the apostles, and the patriarchs walked was pretty special as well.

Kara and I are returning to Israel soon and although I thought to lay out my mission trips in chronological order on this blog, it occurred to me that it might be better to lay out what happened on the first trip to “The Land” as a way to prepare myself and also perhaps to gain your prayers for this upcoming journey.

Let me know what you think about our focus shift, and invite someone to join us as I begin to tell the story of a pretty cool and inspirational journey.

Photo credit: DoBeRaGi

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