A Blinding Light: Mission Trip Excerpt

(June 27th 2006 – Reynosa, Mexico)

Monday( even later that day)

When we debriefed after dinner back in the chapel where we were staying, we listened patiently as all the other teams Chapel at our base campdescribed their experiences.  We could hardly sit in our chairs.  Everything they described about their day was exactly as we had prayed for them.  With unbelievable accuracy, Holy Spirit had shared with us what each and every one of them was going through in whatever part of the city they were in.  When they were finished, we shared the things we had been praying for them and many were touched to see that God had given us the gift and direction to pray for them specifically.  Afterward, Rabbi David asked us to pray for the group.  So we huddled up and did so. There was power in these prayers beyond anything we, by ourselves, were capable of.  I have tried duplicating this type of prayer of my own power and I am not capable.  But He was with us.

I heard an interesting story later that night.  During this debriefing, one of the guys, Tim, was standing in the back.  When we began to pray over the group, he was blinded by a white light coming from our group.  He closed his eyes and covered his face, but the light wouldn’t go away.  It was obvious that this blinding light was not of this world, no one else saw it.  Jesus.  Tim could see Jesus through our prayers.  Wow, what a humbling thing to be a part of.

I never saw that light.  But when I think back, I realize how amazing that was.  I knew there was power in the prayers we were offering because I had never been a part of, or even seen, prayers of such power and authority.  However, I had no idea that Jesus was taking this moment to make Himself known so powerfully to Tim.  It’s both humbling and awe inspiring to know that by our being obedient to what He had told us to do through David, Tim was able to be blessed in such a special way.  It makes me realize that we have no idea how he uses us to bless others.  But if we don’t live the life He is calling us to, the world will feel that loss.  Real people will actually suffer.  When we do live the life He calls us to, not only are we blessed, but others are blessed through us.

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