Becoming Your Own Banker Videos

We’ve just finished a huge series on how to use Whole Life Insurance policies to provide a foundation for wealth building.  One of the key benefits that we discussed was the way that you can apply banking principles to your own life and keep the massive profits that you are currently giving to an outside bank now.

Now that you’ve taken the time to pour through our mono-chrome writing on the subject, we thought you might enjoy a presentation with a little pizazz.  We’ve just added 10 videos each highlighting a different aspect or benefit of these plans, and you can find those videos here.  Here are the titles of the ten videos and a short description of each (you can decide which of the 10 videos to play by scrolling on the right panel):

  1. Infinite Banking Overview – an introduction to the wealth building philosophy of how to use banking principles in your own life (without the expense of opening a brick and mortar bank)
  2. Banking for Businesses – Some ideas on how to use this concept if you’re a business owner
  3. Banking Process – How does banking work?
  4. The Truth about Interest – How much money are you REALLY paying in interest?
  5. Banks vs. Insurance – What is the difference between putting your money with someone else’s bank versus “banking” with your own life insurance policies?
  6. The Human Element – Do you have what it takes to be successful in building wealth?
  7. Permanent Life Insurance – What is it and how does it work?
  8. Impact of Taxes – What is the best way to avoid paying taxes on your investments?
  9. Automobile Financing – How to enjoy a lifetime of new cars while profiting as the financing company (instead of paying through the nose)
  10. Starting a Leasing Company – A primer on how to use your new banking business by lending to others (of course, you could go far beyond these examples!)

Please let us know what you think of these videos.  Do you like this addition to the site?  Do they help you to understand the concept?  We’d love your feedback.

Photo credit: Mixslug

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