Genesis: An Audio Exposition

The book of Genesis as explained by Wes Bridel.  I started going through the bible from Genesis to Revelation with a few friends earlier this year.  It was suggested to me that I should make these recordings publicly available and after some prayer have now uploaded all the recordings made thus far online. We’re currently […]

Examples of higher taxes leading to less Tax Revenue

We wanted to follow up on the recent Fiscal Cliff writing with a few examples of how raising taxes actually lowers revenues.  These two deal with the more obvious and immediate impact of people choosing to do whatever necessary to not pay the higher tax rather than the longer lasting effects of lower economic growth.  […]

Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance

Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance offers you participation in the good years of the market with no participation in the down years of the market.  Each product is different, so remember we are talking in generalities here in order to educate you about what this type of product is, but this product can be an […]

Immediate Annuities

An Immediate annuity is probably what most people first think about when they hear the word annuity, although there are so many different types (as we’ve been discussing) that it depends on which ones you’ve encountered as to which comes to your mind.  Probably the first type of annuity was the Immediate Annuity.  This product […]

Willow is Born!

Our daughter finally arrived this week.  She checked in at 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20 1/2 inches.  Kara did an amazing job in the delivery and managed to bring her into the world about 45 minutes after showing up at the hospital!  How’s that for efficient?  It was alot more relaxing experience than when […]

We’ve moved

It seemed like we should make a quick post to let you all know that we’ve moved.  We’ve still got alot of sorting to do, but Kingdom Calling is now in a new building. If you’d like to stop by, we’re in the One Far West Building.  This might not be a permanent home.  The […]

More Covered Call Option Income in Your Pocket

One last note on the call option example given on Wednesday… If you like the potential income of this strategy, but you really believe that there’s more upside in Intel than $23 and you don’t want to miss out on it, you can sell a higher priced Call Option.  The $24 Strike Price Option listed […]

Economic Outlook & Stock Market Indicators Video – Pt 1

This economic outlook video looks into factors affecting the world & US economy as well as the stock market.  You can find all the economic update videos here.  In this economic update, we look at factors such as problems in the banking industry, Pension problems for US cities, the double dip beginning in housing, sentiment […]

How Secure is Your Investment Exit Strategy?

Most investors never fully think through the exit strategy for an investment.  They get so carried away thinking about how well they will do with an investment that they don’t take the time to carefully think about how they will ensure the final profitable resolution of the deal.  We’ll take a break from our discussion […]

no post today

I tried and tried to get the third economic update video loaded to the internet before I left town, but my last attempt crashed like all the others.  I don’t know why it takes us so many tries to get a video uploaded, but in this case I was only able to get two out […]

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