We are passing over into a new season! Passover 2020

This Passover season is an extremely important one.  God often moves in waves and seasons and He’s been highlighting many ways in which He has passed a torch from one generation to the next.  We are in precisely this sort of season and this Passover/Firstfruits season is critically important in the timing of God.  If […]

Jesus is the Firstfruit of Life: Here’s How God said to Celebrate Him

Before paganism infiltrated the Church, Jesus’ resurrection was celebrated on the biblical holiday of Feast of Firstfruits.  The Lord has been teaching about the amazing Passover & Firstfruit season that we are coming into, but I felt that I had to define the holidays for those not familiar with them before jumping into that post.  […]

The Time of the Locusts (an Economic Update)

A month or two ago, I began noticing that I am seeing way more cicadas than I have ever seen before.  The Lord brought the book of Joel to mind since a cicada seems like the closest thing we have to a locust.  And again, I’ve saw at least 10 times as many as I’ve […]

God’s plan for today: Mature sons for the house of God

I was driving home from work two weeks ago and the Lord started teaching me on what He is doing in His people today. I got home, had dinner with my family, and got the kids ready for bed, and then went for a walk with my bride. I shared with her a little of […]

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