Christian Financial Advice: Crafting a Plan!

We’ve been discussing Christian Financial Advice and the ways we work with Clients here at Kingdom Calling from our offices in Austin, Texas.  We first introduced the Your Fruitful Tree process and why it’s important to know your Purpose here. We then explained the importance of starting where you are and on Monday, we discussed the Headwinds & Hurricanes that must be prepared for and overcome.    Christian Financial Advice should be more than a cookie cutter can offer, so today we look at combining everything that’s come before into your unique plan.

Armed with everything we’ve discussed so far, you’re now able to craft a plan that is specific to both your life, your purpose, and what’s important to you.  Everyone is different, so your plan will only work if it’s in sync with your life and your desires.

Some people have unique situations that need to be planned around.  Some have specific short or long term plans that need to be accounted for.  Others just want to maximize their assets and income while first and foremost protecting what they have from loss.

After receiving a better understanding of economic conditions, you’ll decide which conditions you want to protect against and exploit and which potential conditions you might not be concerned about.  We recommend designing a plan that is at least somewhat ready for all possible circumstances.  We’re all about protection from risk and believe it’s the best way to build a solid financial future.  But risk comes in many forms and many people are taking on tremendous risk while trying to avoid it.

We believe Christian Financial Advice should help you craft a plan that is ready for…

1)      A pronounced Deflationary Depression

2)      A continued Economic Slog such as we’ve been experiencing for years now

3)      A wonderful Economic Turnaround that surprises to the upside!

4)      A creeping incessant Inflation that erodes the value of all you own

5)      A dramatic Hyperinflation or Dollar Devaluation that very quickly renders you penniless

We can’t say for certain which of these will happen, but now that you have an understanding of each condition, you can decide for certain how best to craft a plan to be ready for anything!  Or you can decide you want to be prepared for only one or several of these events and craft your plan in that more speculative direction.  The choice is yours.  Just make sure you know the risks and craft a plan so that you’re not caught unaware when events arrive at your doorstep.

If you’d like to learn more about how Christian Financial Advice has been revolutionized here through the Your Fruitful Tree process, shoot me a line at  I’ll answer you personally and will be happy to set a time for us to chat for free to give you the information you need to decide if you should work with a firm like ours.

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