Christian Financial Planning: A Better Way?

What is Christian Financial Planning?  Is there a better way to steward resources than simply slapping a scripture on the same failed techniques the world uses?  It’s been almost 3 weeks since we started this series, so if you haven’t read the first two posts you should do so here:  1) Your Fruitful Tree Process Introduction, & 2) Starting Where You Are.

Prepare & Protect:

A financial plan generally goes out the window soon after it’s written.  There’s really no difference if it’s a “Christian Financial Plan.”  In contrast, Your Fruitful Tree process is designed to equip & educate you to live stewardship.  You’ll learn to Prepare for any event that might come your way.  You’ll learn to Protect against the headwinds and hurricanes that could otherwise destroy all you’ve built.

You’ll receive an economic education that will allow you to see the potential dangers forming on the horizon so that you can decide for yourself which possibilities should be protected against.  We’ll discuss the deflationary trends such as the debt crises and banking woes.  We’ll investigate the inflationary trends such as the unprecedented money printing that is ongoing both in this country and in much of the “developed” world.  Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be more prepared to stride confidently into the future.

You’ll learn ways to prosper in the face of headwinds that eat away at the financial lives of most.  Headwinds such as:

1)      Taxes

2)      Inflation

3)      Market Volatility

Hurricanes are events that are unexpected even if it’s known that they do happen: Events that could change the course of your life quite dramatically.  Hurricanes such as:

1)      Unexpected Economic Events

  1. Continued Economic Malaise Long after you expect it to end
  2. Severe Depression
  3. Severe Inflation that destroys the value of the US Dollar
  4. Dramatic Market Crash far below what you’ve experienced before

2)     Unexpected Personal Events

  1. Disability or Need to for Long Term Care (Nursing Home or a Nurse at your home)
  2. Early Death
  3. Living Much Longer than Anticipated
  4. Heart attack, Stroke, Cancer, etc
  5. Lawsuits
  6. Prolonged Probate Experience

There are ways to plan for all of these events so that they do not destroy your financial life as they do to most others when they happen to them.  But you must prepare before they day comes in order to protect your family.

We hope for the best and certainly want to plan for that to happen too, but the prudent asset allocator has plans for any potential eventuality.  It’s important you do too!

If you would like to find out more about how this process would work for you, send me an email at  We’d love to get to know you and let you know how our programs really work and that’s all free to you.

If you’re new to the blog, you should read the Economic forecasts we’ve been making which started here. and the Overall Prediction Page here will lead you to all the individual posts.

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