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Today we’ve got another financial news post where we bring you the best & most interesting financial news stories over the last couple of months.  On a personal note, I’m pretty upset because I had finished making blog posts out of all the economic update videos that I recently filmed to run over the holidays, but it appears they have completely vanished from the backend of my website.  I have no idea why, but I guess I’m going to run a couple financial news posts in a row and will hopefully find time to come back and recreate those posts.  That being said, these are good articles that I’ve held onto for a while for your pleasure…

Talking Points for the “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters – John Hussman gives some pointers to the Occupy Wallstreet croud on what they should be demanding &/or complaining about.

California and Bust – Great stories to show you what is happening in the entire Western World (plus Japan and China which are similar but different) by focusing on several issues in California.  Great story telling and a particularly interesting look into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life and personality.

The Ticking Euro Bomb – An Important history of the Euro.  If you’d like to better understand what’s going on in Europe, what this history of how we came to be here and why it’s not working, this is the article for you.  Article shows you how politicians make decisions for their own utopian or selfish desires over sound economic reason.

The Atomic Bomb that is About to Explode at the Federal Reserve – Apparently, Ben Bernanke has not only been doing things that are economically foolish, but also illegal.

Art Cashin Offers A Huge Lesson On Weimar Hyperinflation, And The Roots Of Today’s Crisis –  Gives you a real life picture of what it’s like to live through a hyperinflationary crash.

Estonia Lives the European Dream – Great article that shows what Estonia has done to be a part of Europe while escaping it’s Soviet sattelite past and the difficulties of having to bail out a country such as Greece where the people are far more wealthy than the Estonians themselves.  Also, tells the story of Skype if you’re a fan of that service.

U.S. Shouldn’t Ignore Iran’s Speedboat Threat: Jeffrey Goldberg – Interesting article about the ways in which Iran has adapted it’s navy in order to defeat the US in naval warfare.

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