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Today we’ve got another financial news post where we bring you the best & most interesting financial news stories over the last couple of months.  On a personal note, I’m pretty upset because I had finished making blog posts out of all the economic update videos that I recently filmed to run over the holidays, but it appears they have completely vanished from the back end of my website.  I have no idea why, but I guess I’m going to run a couple financial news posts in a row and will hopefully find time to come back and recreate those posts.  That being said, these are good articles that I’ve held onto for a while for your pleasure…

The Coming Derivatives Crisis That Could Destroy The Entire Global Financial System – We warned of the massive risk of the $600 Trillion in derivatives hiding in the back alley of the world economy two years ago, but it’s only really coming to full light this year how deadly this risk could be.  And actually, if we have to pick one thing that will turn a bad economy into a nightmare, this is what will probably do it.

Seniors: No, You Cannot Keep Your Plan, Even If You Like It – Article shines the light of reality on the changes affecting medical care and insurance in today’s new world of Obamacare despite the promises that were made to get the bill passed.

James Turk Report – Why Gold Will Go Above $11,000 – An analysis of what the proper value of gold is today which can help you feel alot more comfortable in paying record prices in nominal (constantly devalued) US Dollar terms.

Europe’s democratic deficit grows wider by the day – The Eurocracy’s contempt for the nation-states it governs is growing ever more flagrant.

China Credit Squeeze Prompts Suicides – A sad look at what life is like for many Chinese in today’s new Chinese economy.

Thoughts from Athens – Since we might very well head down the road that Greece has trailblazed, it might be interesting to hear from someone on the ground there as to what it’s like.

What’s of value right when the economy goes to hell? – This is an article which tells a bit about what’s going on in Argentina right now.  It’s another possible direction that we might be heading in.  I think it’s very important to read this and think through how such changes would affect you and whether or not you’re prepared for them.

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