Financial News: Most Interesting Articles of Last Month

The financial news is teeming with fascinating (if often disturbing) information. We’re bringing the top stories of the last month to you here in this post and one or two more to follow.  You can find the last post of this type that we did here.  The articles that stood out over the last month are in the double digits, and I think it might be more interesting to bring them to you randomly rather than by topic so that in each post you get some different kind of information.

Financial News Articles:

1) On More QE and the Recession that won’t end – Article points out the fact (with the facts) that we never left Recession and are still in the same recession.

2)  Constitutional Money: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – This is a nice article on the gold standard (which is much shorter than the last one we presented).  Of course the Constitution defines money, but we threw that out the window decades ago to our own demise.  Unfortunately, the link takes you to a main page and you’ll have to look for the article by name (it’s not that tricky).

3)  Explaining How the Just Announced ECB Market Rescue Pledged 133% of German GDP to Cover All of Europe’s Bad Debt – This is a short article that neatly explains the predicament of Germany…there is no way they can afford to bail out all of Europe and yet this is exactly what the rest of the world expects them to do!

As an update, we’re very close to getting a new set of Economic Update Videos done, but couldn’t get to the shooting of them today (Tuesday) before having to leave the office (it takes hours just to sort through the previously read news to prepare to shoot the videos.  Here’s the last set of economic update videos that we did… 1) US Economic Update Pt 1, 2)  US Economic Update Pt 2, 3) US Economic Update Pt 3, & 4) Gold & Silver Update, 5) European Economic Update, & 6) China & the World.

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