Financial News: Most Interesting Pieces…

The financial news is teeming with fascinating (if often disturbing) information. We’re bringing the top stories of the last couple months to you here in this post and one or two more to follow.  You can find a recent post of this type that we did here.  The articles linked below are a bit old since we’re working back up to present, but are those I felt would be most worthy of your time to read.  I hope you enjoy!

Financial News Articles:

1) This economic collapse is a ‘crisis of bigness‘ – Very insightful perspective out of London’s The Guardian (whom I probably wouldn’t often agree with!)  This applies to more than just the financial monolithic system that is about to implode.

2) ‘We Won’t Pay’ – Greece’s Middle Class Revolt against Austerity – Interesting perspective on the ever increasing burden on the fewer and fewer who are being asked to foot the bill for all of the economy crushing socialism that has pervaded the West and their inevitable reaction to it all.

3)  Bank of England hits the panic button – England’s Chancellor recently said that QE – printing money by another name – is the last resort of desperate governments, when all other options have failed.  Well then, isn’t it interesting that the Bank of England has just announced QE.  Wonder what that means?  (Actually, Britain has had by far the most honest government over the last year with Mervyn King (Bank Governor) telling people quite clearly what kind of a mess we’re in, so I guess this isn’t quite as ironic as it appears.

Hopefully we’ll have a new series on Economic Update Videos for you next week.  Until then, you can watch the previous economic update video series we did at: 1)  Europe Economic Update 1, 2) Europe Economic Update 2, 3) Europe Crises Explained, 4) World Economic Update, 5) US Economic Update,  6)  US Economic Update 2,  7)  US Economic Update 3,  8)  Hyperinflation Signs,  9)  Hyperinflation, Inflation, or Deflation?,  10)  Gold Update,  &  11)  Gold & Silver Update.

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