Free Investing Books on Tax Free Gains without Losses

Free Investing Books! We’re excited to announce a partnership that allows us to share four excellent books that cover a number of topics, but tend to focus on tax free and tax advantaged ways to grow your assets at higher rates than the market has been producing with much less risk.  (This might sound unrealistic, but the books are well documented, so you come away understanding exactly how and why these strategies work.  These books were written by Roccy DeFrancesco who is an advisor to financial advisors and teaches on a wide range of subjects.

These books are:

1) Bad Advisors: How to Identify them, How to avoid them

2) Retiring without Risk: Finding Shelter from Financial Storms

3) The Home Equity Acceleration Plan

4) The Home Equity Management Guidebook: Achieving Maximum Wealth with Maximum Security

These books can be found at  As said above, these books are absolutely free, just as this website has always been.  We would appreciate it if you would do the following…If you like the books and find them valuable, share the website with your friends, family, and co-workers.

The Retiring Without Risk Book is an excellent follow up to our recent series.  If you missed our previous series that updated you on ways to participate in the gains of the stock market without suffering market losses and other ways to lock in high single or even double digit guaranteed growth on your money for retirement income, you can find that series at: 1) Innovative Insurance, 2) Long Term Care, 3) Long Term Care Solutions, 4) Free Long Term Care Insurance, 5) What is an Annuity?, 6) Immediate Annuities, & 7) Fixed & Variable Annuities, 8) Fixed Index Annuities, 9) FIA History & Promises, 10) High Guaranteed Interest, 11) Fixed Index Life Insurance, 12)  Tax Free Growth, & 13) FIUL Free Loans & LTC.

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