God’s Ways are Mysterious even as an Investor

Whether you’re an Investor or a Speculator…The scripture at the beginning of this section points to the fact that there is far more that we don’t know than there is that we do.  Whether you are an investor or a speculator, you must first and foremost have a plan for reducing risk.  There will be many things that happen which you do not expect no matter how thoroughly you have thought them through.  Be prepared!

Secondly, always look toward the Lord for guidance in all things.  This includes your daily decisions in security selection.  If you don’t feel a peace in what you are doing, perhaps you are moving outside of the Lord’s will for you.  In this case, stop.  It is better to focus on the direction that He is calling you to then to make any trade.  Seek first the Kingdom and all else will be given to you.  Always be asking Him, “What would you have me do now Lord?”  Be prepared to wait if you feel like there should be an answer forthcoming but you have not received it yet.  He has His own timing and it quite often does not line up with the timing we think is best.  He knows what is best for you.  Wait on Him.

If you are moving forward in peace with the full confidence that you are operating within the Lord’s will for your life, do your homework and then take action when it is time.  He has given you these assets to steward.  Do so wisely.  In this way, you will still make mistakes, but if you have a solid risk management strategy in place, they will not hurt you too badly and you will learn from them.  In turn, you will grow wiser as the steward He has called you to be.

We are talking about investing/speculating, but really we are talking about life. This is how He calls you to live it.  Seek God first and move forward each day in the understanding the He has given you, always knowing that He will bring many new things to your understanding in the days and years ahead.  If this stops, you have gone away from Him.  Seek Him first in all things!

his is Part 6 in a short series on the different types of investors.  At the following link you can find:  Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, & Pt 5.

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