Gold, Silver and Oil: Economic Update

Gold, silver and oil discussed in today’s video as we continue our economic update discussion.  We’ll focus on news from Russia, China, Iran and Europe.  Developments in these countries with regards to gold, silver & oil will have a direct impact.  For instance, Information that is new to us on how war in Iran will have a huge impact on oil prices.  Russia and China are buying up all the gold they can.  As we’ve stated before, Silver is poised to make the biggest jump due to lack of supply.  All this and more inside the video.

This economic update is part of a series which follows The Coming Storm that we put out in November which describes in detail how and why we will see not only a market crash, but far worse in our economy.  If you have not seen this video, please go immediately and watch it for free so that you understand what you are facing.

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