His Most Trusted Servant

If we are called to be stewards of all that God gives us, what does that mean?

As you're faithful with what you have, God will increase what He trusts you with.
As you’re faithful with what you have, God will increase what He trusts you with.

A steward in biblical times was the most highly favored and most trusted servant.  He managed all the household affairs of his master which would include the servants, the fields, the livestock, the trading (marketing), and all other business affairs.  The more wealthy the master, the more intricate the job of steward.

Once you realize that everything you own is God’s and that you are only a steward of the things He has given you to manage, you now have the perspective you need in order for God to begin giving your more responsibility.  As you are faithful with what you have, He will continue to increase what He trusts you with.

Over the next week or so, we’re going to discuss the most basic ways that you can be faithful in managing what you have.  Before we can talk about intricate insurance strategy or dynamic investment mechanisms, we need to have a solid grasp of the basics.  If we show you how to rapidly increase the cash flow in your life, but you don’t have a firm understanding of these basics, you will likely be very inefficient with the money.  And we want to manage well what God gives you, so we’ll spend some time going over the following topics:

  1. You as CEO
  2. Assets and Liabilities
  3. Assets, Liabilities and Products – They’re All Just Tools
  4. Cash Flow is King
  5. Accumulation vs Cash Flow
  6. Land
  7. Money as a Spiritual Force

Is there anything else along these lines that you’d like to discuss?  Let us know.

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