How to Receive God’s Wisdom

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” (Proverbs 9:10 & Psalm 111:10) Only those who first acknowledge God can have a sense of fear and awe towards Him.  God will make His covenant known to those who have a fear of the Lord (Psalm 25:14) and reveal His secrets to them.  Yet the Law was clearly stated in words and in teachings to the people.  Wasn’t the Law equally accessible to all the people of Israel?  And isn’t God a god of no partiality and favoritism?  Then why must we be in awe of God (fear of the Lord) in order to receive His wisdom?

Heart change through Christ is key to attaining true wisdom
Heart change through Christ is key to attaining true wisdom

The key is that we can only understand the essence of the Law, and the wisdom and heart of God behind it, when we have a genuine knowledge of Him in reverence and honor.  We must willingly submit to His ways through the education of the Holy Spirit in order to be able to receive Him.  This is because we are spiritual beings who are only truly changed from within and through the heart.  Head knowledge never changes us.  It can be good to bring us understanding for what is going on internally, but it is never the source of true wisdom.

Wisdom comes through the changing of our hearts.  This is our blessing from God.  He gives it directly to us through Christ Jesus as our spiritual inheritance.

The words can have tremendous power when delivered by the Holy Spirit straight to our heart with a dazzling revelation also to the mind.  But the same words to another can have no impact when they are merely an intellectual construct received in the brain to one not seeking God with a heart submitted.  Paul mentioned this in one of his epistles:

14But their minds (The Israelites) were hardened; for until this very day at the reading of the old covenant the same veil remains unlifted, because it is removed in Christ.  15But to this day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their heart; 16but whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.  17Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Co 3:14-17)

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