How Will People React?

How will you react?

We’ve been turning to the government to “fix” our economy in recent years.  As you’ve  probably noticed, their solutions just cause more problems.  People will continue to turn to the government for solutions until they discover that Man’s solutions are lacking.  The ways of the wisdom of Man are the “Babylonian” system.  It is only when people begin to look to God for wisdom that His grace, which is sufficient, will re-order their lives and that of this country.  Until then…

Do you remember Hurricane Katrina?  People were pillaged.  Everyone expected someone else to save them and since it wasn’t happening, they took out their frustration out on whoever was closest.  There wasn’t enough food and water and the situation was chaotic with the worst kind of evil gaining sway in the hearts of some. Not everyone acted in such a way, but such activity was certainly more prevalent than we’ve seen before.  Most were simply hurting for the first time in their lives and looking for answers.

Most look at Katrina only as an unfortunate event, but perhaps you should look at it as a picture that God has given of the Coming Storm?  God is speaking, teaching, and growing, but can only be heard and received by those who can turns their eyes away from the world and fixate on Him.

The physical, economic world will surely recover (although things will be very different).  Certainly, our prayer is that the spiritual awakening of the people in this country is far more dramatic in experiencing true life in Christ.  Many will find what’s real when everything they had always counted on gets shaken.

How should you prepare?

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