Introduction to Your Fruitful Tree

“Your Fruitful Tree”, original art by Don Tate

We’ve been writing for the last month about the incredibly important time that we’re living in and the massive economic changes on our doorstep.  We’ve designed a program that is aimed to help our clients prepare for these changes.  We call it, Your Fruitful Tree.  We’ll spend the next few posts detailing the different areas in which we help our clients prepare and even prosper during these times.

Your Fruitful Tree is an educational process designed to help you understand the most critical elements of solid biblical financial stewardship.  This process will help you not only learn which methods and techniques are best for you to use to build your financial house but also why these are important and how each decision works together.

You’ll also learn the common mistakes that most people make.  Because you’ll thoroughly learn how each piece works together, you’ll be enabled to make wise and prudent decisions for yourself rather than simply being led to do what a financial institution or its representative want you to do.  We’ll be with you throughout this process,  making sure that you understand each concept and how it applies to your particular situation.  We’ll also be here to help you devise and implement specific strategies so that you’re never alone and always have ample guidance along the way.

Your Fruitful Tree
is a symbol of the financial stewardship in your life.  Just like a natural tree, it has different parts which are all important and work together as one organism to make up a healthy and productive tree.  Each part plays a critical role and each must be understood within the context of the overall tree so that you can understand its important contribution to your financial life.  There are three stages within Your Fruitful Tree.

  1. The Roots
  2. The Trunk
  3. The Branches, Leaves, & Fruit

In the coming days, we’ll take a look at the vital role each plays in your financial life and how the Your Fruitful Tree process equips you to establish strength within each individual area and how that will lead to an incredibly productive financial life.

This is the first post in a new series about Your Fruitful Tree. To continue with this series, click on Part 2.

Artwork credit: “Your Fruitful Tree”, original art by Don Tate

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