Kingdom Calling vs Financial Advisors: What Went Wrong?

The  free fall of the markets in recent months, and subsequent wonder readily apparent in the comments of so many a financial advisor, should be a hard lesson to anybody looking soon to formulate a new financial plan.

Money seeming to disappear? Financial responsibility and understanding will make for no surprises in the future.
Money seeming to disappear? Financial responsibility and understanding will make for fewer surprises in the future.

Almost nobody, including the best and brightest of two administrations, came even close to forecasting the length and breadth of our present financial straights.

But those realities are not really the scary part.  What’s much more frightening, is the fact that much of the wealth lost and being lost now is a direct result of millions of people following faulty plans with few or no contingencies for such realities – which always have, and always will happen.

Financial advisors always seem “surprised” at such events; surprised at losses. When you lose money, they tell you, “we’re in it for the long haul,” so they don’t have to be responsible for today’s losses; as if lack of contingency plans for such eventualities aren’t a problem.  As if the losses were inevitable.

Losses are not inevitable.

At Kingdom Calling, we help you prepare a plan that is ready for all possible consequences.  It’s impossible to say that you will be 100% prepared for everything in the future (God doesn’t work that way), but it is possible to have maximum protection in place for all the major things that the “world” can throw at you.  If you experience a loss, it will only be after you fully understood the chances of that happening and moved forward anyway.  The choice should be yours, not inevitable as most it is for most.  Understanding and responsibility need to be a part of any wise stewardship plan so that no surprise can throw you off the course that God has set for you.

If that sounds like a bold claim, its likely because you’ve become just as callous to the predominant message being put out there by financial advisors and the big companies they work for.

Their reality doesn’t have to be yours.

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