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In the past 2000 years, many efforts have been made to restore the practices of the Early Church, trying to recover the secret of lost glory. Some of these efforts achieved a degree of success, and some were just zealous efforts. Objectively assessed, the intention of many of these efforts was simply to produce antidotes for diseases of the Body. Formal religious norms and activities could not contain the passions and expectation of some of the most devout.

Thus, the Lord answered them and through them brought about reformation and a revival of what was dead and lost. Capable men and women, in fear and concern over what had been lost, would then bring new rules and ways of doing things with biblical or spiritual emphasis, as we’ve witnessed in recent centuries in the rapid increase of denominations and movements.

Should this be the norm? Will this be the norm? The answer is no.

I trust there is a generation coming, endowed with the Lord’s mercy and grace, that will yet again unveil His original intention and pattern of His plan for His people. This was prophesied in the OT many times. (Psm. 24:6; Psm 110:3)
It will require a restoration of the foundation of what was lost in the teaching of Jesus Christ. It will require pure and genuine discipleship in the context of a life in the Kingdom by the Spirit, not in the context of a life circling around a church institution. Rules and duties will have to be recovered.

Such teachings will bear several charactistics:

  1. They won’t be founded on Man’s traditions and rules. It will be Kingdom oriented.
  2. This teaching will not be based on human intellect, but by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. This teaching will not be involved in building or perfecting a movement or reformation of the church system, but in releasing people into Kingdom life and reality.
  4. Such teaching will be a true return back to the New Covenant ministry, which is granted by the power and authority of the Lord to His disciples when He sent them out to disciple nations. (Matt 28)

This is post is _Part 1_ in the series Ministry Under the New Covenant.  To continue with this series, click on Pt 2.  To use this as a growth tool to better understand your own calling, you might start by reading the explanation of this series.

Ph0to credit: Stephen B. Whatley

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