Mission Trip Day 9: Friday Night, May 25, 2007

That night we went to a Shabbat service.  The Pastor (some Messianic congregational leaders seem to use the title Pastor, others Rabbi) had just come back from a pastor’s conference in Sweden.  He was on fire to share what God was doing throughout the world.  He shared many stories that he had heard from pastors on the ground in muslim countries about the ways in which God was moving.  Missionaries were being sent from one muslim country to another to bring the Light of Jesus.  The story was the same everywhere.  It was the young people who were the ones coming in droves.

Worshipping with abandon
Worshipping with abandon

Most of what we did was to come alongside these believers in these small congregations and love them.  God did something dramatic here or there, but it was mostly us coming and giving our love and support to these people who had the weight of family and friend disapproval and dissavowel.

It was amazing worshiping with these believers.  God shows up in very special ways when all those in attendance are truly devoted to Him.  I try hard not to, but I know that I sometimes show up to church on Sunday with the cares of the world (my external life) on my mind or heart, when I should be in absolute worship.  I also know that many I share the room with at home come this same way.  God shows up in those times and I think that my church has a pretty dedicated body, but it’s different when you worship with people who have decided to take on persecution in order to give their lives to Jesus.  God shows up in powerful ways!

Have you ever had some amazing worship time with others? Please share with us.

Photo credit: lukecloudy

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