Mission Trip Israel – Day 13: Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This was the last day of the mission part of our trip.

An Israeli traffic sign you probably won't find in the US!
Camel Crossing: An Israeli traffic sign you probably won't find in the US!

Today was a day for tying up loose ends.  We went in a few different directions looking to bless those that we had met along the way.  In Jerusalem, we went by Makor Hatikva School which is an incredible school for young believers.  We sat in the middle of this school as one of the principals told us about it.  As the kids walked by, we recognized that they really had the light of Jesus in them.  They were so well behaved, respectful, and bright eyed.

The school has more demand than they can handle and is slowly trying to add more class-years so that the older kids don’t have to graduate to a different school.  (At that time, they had 90 students, age 3-13, with 113 planned for the next year.)  Other schools around Israel have been coming to the school to learn about their methods so that they can reproduce them.  It was a marvelous operation and you could see that these children would be the future leaders of Israel.

That night we worshiped with a youth group.  These young people are on fire for the Lord!  It was exhilarating to worship with and talk to these youth.  It’s sad that many of them are not able to tell their families about their faith for fear of being shunned – as many of their peers had. But these young people had met their Lord and they would let nothing stand between Him and them!

Several of them would be going into army service soon as all 18 year olds in Israel must.  A couple of them were a little frightened about this.  On the other hand, one was already in the army and he told of how the Name of Yeshua (Jesus) was blowing through the army’s ranks.  Many were coming to know Him!  This seems like a powerful vehicle that the Lord is using to wake up His people.  They come from one part of the country and serve with others from other parts and in this, His seed blossoms.

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