Mission Trip Israel – What I Learned

From this experience, I really had to learn to rest and trust in God.  I could do nothing – and everything was in His hands.  That is always the case in life, but too often I allow myself to think that I am the master of my own life, when in reality, it can all be turned over tomorrow.  The best plan is to truly seek God and to rest and have faith that He will take care of everything.

A view from above: People praying at the Western (Wailing) Wall
A view from above: People praying at the Western (Wailing) Wall

I learned how amazingly well the Body of Messiah functions when we all give ourselves to His leading.  It still mystifies me how we could end up in the hospital knowing no one, and how He could bring us 30 new brothers and sisters for support.  I still need to depend on myself less and to be more interconnected with the Body in every area of my life.

I learned a lesson in humility.  I still have so far to grow in this area.  I almost always tend to look at the world from my own fleshly perspective instead of from God’s perspective.  Everything great in life is God given, and I really want His to be my perspective.

Hopefully, I am learning to be more aware, although I still fall into the trap of not being open to what God is showing me.  God gave us plenty of warning signs in that spa about what was coming, but we did not listen to Him.  He will lead me in all cases if I just keep my focus in Him.

I learned in a very real way, what I had known scripturally, but saw in my circumstances – That God uses the negative things in our life to bless us and pull us closer to Him if we will seek Him in those.  Overall, this entire experience was an incredible blessing for us to be able to go through.  We’re very glad we got to do it.  Only God could transform horrible burns into an enjoyable life-enriching experience.

I learned that the Land, and God’s first covenant people, whom we are grafted into, are in my blood and that I will be back.  And that day is coming very soon!  I want to invite you to pray for our team that is going there on this upcoming trip.  I am going to do my best to update this site daily to let you know what is going on.  They tend to work us really hard, so I can’t be sure I’ll always be able to do this, but I will do my best to.  Thanks for your support!

If you will be praying, we’d love it if you’d send us an email to wes@kingdomcalling.com.

Thanks again!  Wes

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