New Things are on the Way

We’re about to jump into a couple of new subjects here on the blog. We plan on starting two new series next week: stewardship and calling.  The plan is to run a post from each series every other day.

One of these series will be an array of topics aimed at helping you to be a better investor.  We’ll be going into more detail about the types of things we’re going to cover.

The other series will be the Kingdom of God.  We’ll be doing a live symposium here in Austin on Tuesday, February 16th at 7:30pm and this series will be a distillation of some of my thinking on this topic as I prepare for the event.  We’d love to have you come to the event if you can.  You can register here.

The posts might jump around a little bit because they will be the result of many different days of prayer on this subject and I doubt it will all come out nice and neat as a linear piece.  However, I have been doing some scribbling here and there in the past week or two and feel like you will get some value out of what will be put in this space.  I pray that it’s a good starting place for you to seek the Lord from and will offer you new insight into the life we are called to.

The Lord is doing an amazing thing in this time and He is calling us to mature in Him and grow to know Him to a degree that has not been imaginable before.  Perhaps you have been hungering for this?  He is making Himself available for those who are willing to set aside their life for His.  Most are not willing, but for those who hunger for His Kingdom over the many entrapments of this life, the reward is great indeed (Luke 18:28-30).  He wants to make His eternal life available to you now!  We’re not talking about dead religion, but the unmistakable glory of God abiding in you!

I hope you will be a part of this.

This post is Part 1 in the series New Things Are On The Way. To continue with this series, click on Pt 2.

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