Numbers: An Audio Exposition

The book of Numbers as explained by Wes Bridel.  I started going through the bible from Genesis to Revelation with a few friends earlier this year.  It was suggested to me that I should make these recordings publicly available and after some prayer have now uploaded all the recordings made thus far online. We’re currently in Isaiah, but now that they are online, I wanted to link them at the site and decided the best way to do that is to have one page for each book of the bible.  This is Numbers.

You can find podcast hosting options to follow along as new podcasts are released here.  It’s currently at Spotify, Radio Public, & Pocketcasts, but might be coming to other options in the future.  My style has changed pretty dramatically over the last six months and this page represents my first recordings.  Here they are…

You can find the Audios for Genesis where we started here or go to the Index post that links all completed Bible Exposition Audios here.

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