On Prosperity

Does God want you to enjoy so much Prosperity that you need a private jet to travel to each of your luxurious mansions?  Are prosperity teachers Happy Fun-Fun Loons who don’t understand the Suffering that is called for in those devoted to the Cross?  Or is the truth somewhere in the middle?

Delighting in the Lord leads to true prosperity
Delighting in the Lord leads to true prosperity

For the next week or so, we’re going to tackle this divisive topic.  Pray for us!  Even the subject of money causes such a stir in people’s hearts.  Imagine what actually having some does?  Maybe that’s why Jesus used this subject more than any other to teach with.  We’re not trying to have an exhaustive study here, but, instead, simply plan to do our best to show God’s heart on the issue of prosperity using scripture as our guide.

In the Tanakh or Old Testament, “prosperity,” “to prosper” or “be prosperous” are denoted by many Hebrew words in different contexts.  We will not dig into each one of them. However, it’s worth noting that prosperity seems to always be mentioned as a blessing or goodwill granted by God to one who is following two criteria:

  • That he is obedient to God’s commandments or Law.
  • That he is delighted in knowing God or enjoying the wisdom of God.

We plan to look at the following:

  1. Old Testament Prototypes of Prosperity blessings from God
  2. God’s original plan to prosper man
  3. Wisdom is the Key to Prosperity
  4. Jesus teaching about Prosperity
  5. How does God want to Prosper us Individually?
  6. How does this Prosperity play out in our life practically?

Actually, we’d love your input along the way.  Is there anything else related to this topic that you think we should cover here?

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