People Want More Than Their Governments Can Give

I read an interesting article recently called “The Rage of the Indignants” which talks about the phenomenon sweeping the globe of people being fed up with their governments and leaders.  This article is from Spiegel in Germany and focuses on the mass movements of people in many of the major capitals of Europe revolting against the established order in somewhat similar ways to those of North Africa & the Middle East.  It struck me as very important, so I thought I would throw up a quick comment here.

As we’ve discussed many time before, the Lord is  bringing about a massive change in our times.  These times have been long foretold and we are blessed to live them.  However, it’s one thing to think it sounds cool to be saved by God as your thrown inside a fire.  It’s quite another to know you’re about to be thrown in the fire and not know for certain what the outcome will look like!

If we’ve gained some level of maturity in the Lord, we learn to look at our circumstances as tools for training at the hand of our loving Father.  This makes the training easier, but certainly not always easy.  After we’ve seen the Lord use trial to grow us in substantial ways and come to know Him more intimately, we learn to really appreciate those trials and difficulties for the blessings that they were.  In fact, we begin to understand that He uses great difficulties in our lives to bring great blessings because that is the way we best react, change, and grow.  It’s not always the way He works, but it often is.  Check out Hebrews 12 for a refresher on the way our Loving Father disciplines us in this way.

What’s really difficult is when we don’t have a clue who are Father is.  When we have no idea why difficult times have come to us.  When we don’t even know there is a way out of them that leads to peace and joy.  These are scary and sometimes terrifying times.

Socialism has been sweeping the Western World for over a century.  The spirit behind it says that the government of Man can come together and bring ab0ut a government that takes care of all of the needs of all of the people.  The people have grown to rely on the govnerment in all things.  We do not realize it, but we have come to worship the government as The Great Provider.  Today, the Lord is bringing about the end of this delusion.  The more control a government has, the worse their people’s lives.  And things are starting to get really bad.

In the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), the people have grown up in a culture where they thought they had to be ruled by a tyrant with an iron fist.  They did not see that they could ever have any other option.  However, today, technology is widely available to show them that their leaders are preventing them from having what many other people in other parts of the world take for granted.  The Lord has brought about an abrupt dissatisfaction (through hunger) with the establishment and they are no longer willing to accept their lot in life.

These two different people groups may seem totally different and living lives completely separate from each other.  Yet, their lives are going through exactly the same thing!  The Lord is bring about mighty winds of change.  He is disrupting lives so that people will begin to look outside of the understanding they have always had for Truth.  And Truth is coming!

If you’d like to read what Daniel had to say about these times and to gain more insight about this coming storm, you can read more about it here and in Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8, & Pt 9.

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