Questions for Revelation

In this chapter, we looked at some of the laws within the Kingdom of God. We began with an observation of two forms of life in the natural world to gain some understanding of spiritual laws.  Spiritual wisdom can be received from observing familiar types and shadows in the natural world.

  1. What stood out to you when you read this entire chapter’s presentation?
  2. Can you give your own explanation of the Law of Life in the Kingdom of God?
  3. What is the Law of Love? What do you think is the relationship between loving God and loving others?
  4. What is the Law of Order? Compare the order in the Kingdom of God with the order of our world?

Questions for Meditation and Application

  1. How do you live in the Kingdom in real freedom after learning the laws of the Kingdom?
  2. Give some practical observations concerning the Law of Love and the Law of Priority. Do you think your life in the Kingdom would be improved with new understanding of the laws in it? How so?
  3. Please offer some personal insight about  the Law of Order and the Law of Unity.
  4. Can you list other laws in the Kingdom of God? (For example, the Law of Increase and the Law of Sowing and Reaping.)

This post is Part 7  in the series Laws in the Kingdom of God. To use this as a growth tool to better understand your own calling, you might start by reading the explanation of this series, Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 , Pt 4, Pt 5 and Pt 6.

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