Quick – Which Path will You Choose: Hard/Easy or Easy/Hard

There are two roads to walk down in the daily decisions that we make. We are constantly confronted with option of taking

those easy choices have given you a hard life
Suprise: The future's hard after a lifetime of making the easy choice

the easy way, which requires less of us at that time. Or we can take the more challenging route when confronting the decision ahead.

Most people go about life choosing the easy way. Which is understandable. In the moment when they make the choice, they do not want to make the decision that will require more effort on their part. This typically leads to a much harder life for them in the end. Because they were never willing to choose the hard path that would have meant immediate pain, they will face a lifetime of ever increasing pain.

Let’s look at an example. Where your health is concerned, you are constantly given the option of taking care of it today (eating right, exercising), which requires you put in effort now. You also have the option of eating whatever junk you’re in the mood for. If you consistently make this choice, you will have a life of low energy and decreasing health. The entire journey will be hard because you weren’t willing to make the immediate hard decision.

Successful people make it a habit to take on challenges in the way that they approach life in order to have a fuller experience. They are willing to make the hard choices if they believe this will lead to a better life. They realize that after enduring the momentary struggle, they will grow as a person and reach a new plateau of reality where making these hard choices that lead to success have become easy and simply a way of life that brings a richer existence.

We spoke here about living in obedience to God’s direction in our life. This can be – and usually is – difficult, but it leads to a closer relationship to Him and a greater understanding and awareness of the spiritual world around us. This comes from making the Hard choice first, and so achieving greater happiness once this behavior becomes the norm.

This principle also applies to Stewardship. It is not easy to take the time to learn to be a better steward. To study, practice, and contemplate experiences in order to grow. This takes discipline that most never have. However, when you decide to commit to achieving this, you enter a world where money is a powerful tool that allows you to help those God calls you to help, and to enjoy life in a way that most can’t.

When someone takes on the challenge and opportunity of becoming a Kingdom Calling client, they’ll often be confronted with whether or not to do the exercises that we’ve talked about, or whether or not to listen to the audio cd’s, etc. You’ll often come home from work and be tired, or you won’t feel like getting up early as you had earlier decided to do. These challenges to your growth as a steward will come.

Ask yourself. In such situations, and others more demanding, will you be committed to put the time in to grow?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, and share this one with somebody who could use it.

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