Seven Stages to Living Your Path The Kingdom Calling Way

The Kingdom Calling Process takes you through seven stages.    Each is completed in whatever amount of time is perfectly necessary for each individual person.  Everyone has different needs and we focus our attention on what’s important in your life. The process educates you to be a more powerful steward of what God has and will give you in this life.  We know that as we steward what little He gives us well, He gives us more.  You’ll see this, too. Thus, this process can lead to a massive transformation in your financial life, if you are always focused on Christ and where He is calling you. 

The education that we take people through includes one on one meetings with your advisor, reading materials, audio cd’s, workbook exercises, and on-demand videos online.   The purpose is to educate you in such a transformational way that you think differently and are  able to take action based upon a new understanding of what’s possible in order to have significantly better results than you are achieving now.

In the past, I tried to teach some of these principles to people in other formats, but what I found was that people liked what I had to say, and believed that what I was saying was true…but it did not change them.  If I asked them a week later, they couldn’t explain what they learned.  This process is meant to equip you with the wisdom, knowledge, and action steps to completely change the way your financial life is working.  If your finances aren’t helping you achieve all the big plans that God has for you, then you must become a better Steward to change this.  This is how we impact you.

In the posts to come, we’ll delve in the specifics of the seven stages, in the very order we deliver them to our clients.  Tell the people you think should know to tune in – the good stuff is on the way.

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