Real Prosperity – Part II

Yesterday I introduced the idea of real prosperity, and mentioned that there are really 4 P’s to real prosperity – prosperity in line with God’s calling for you:

1) Perspective
2) Purpose
3) Plan
4) Products

Yesterday we reviewed perspective and purpose, and why you should get these in focus before you move on to the plan and products integral to your prosperity.  If you didn’t read yesterdays post, you should do so, then come back.

Plan –  Once your perspective and purpose are in line and in focus, it’s important for people to create a plan that’s workable and manageable for you to have the ultimate success in life.  You’ve got to put strategies into place that are specific to your own unique life and calling.  There are many great strategies that exist in the world, but your life is unique, and it’s important that your plan be set up with your Soul Purpose in mind.

I have a mentor who does Triathlons.  He tells me that when you stand on the shore in Hawaii at the Iron Man, the swim is actually a quite simple exercise.  You can see the boat that is 1.2 miles off shore.  All you have to do is swim out to it, and then swim back.  Of course he already had to adapt his perspective and purpose to even be there in the first place!  The problem is that once you get in the water and start swimming, the waves are crushing in on you and changing your course.  You’re also now in the water, so it’s impossible to see the boat you’re swimming towards.

The Iron Man actually sets up buoys every hundred yards, so that you can swim towards the buoys, knowing that you’ll eventually reach the boat and can then follow them back to shore.  The plan of success for this course is to look up every stroke or two at the buoy that is in front of you.    Life is a little more complicated than this, but we here at Kingdom Calling are here to help you implement simple and successful strategies so that you have a plan for success.

Products –  Only now do products make sense.  Financial products and tools can help you fulfill God’s purpose for your life only after we have a new and expanded perspective, purpose, and plan.   This is exactly the opposite of the way that the world works.   Most people in this country have been lead to believe that if they just get that one magic product, they will be rich…that one stock tip, or that one real estate deal.

I once heard a story about a guy who wanted to have the same financial success as Warren Buffett.  He didn’t want to partner with Buffett by buying into his company.  Because he knew he could find out all the same stocks that Buffett owns, he would simply buy them himself.  But he, like many people today, believed the secret was in products.  Because he did not have the same perspective, purpose, or plan that Buffett had, he actually went bankrupt buying the same stocks as the world’s greatest stock picker.

Products are important, but only when placed in the right context.  There are people who think the stock market is the greatest place to make money in the world, and people who believe it’s the worst!  The same goes with Real Estate and every other field of possible investment.  And all these people are correct!  For those who think it’s the worst, it is.  They do not have the proper perspective, purpose and plan to be successful with this investment.  Other people do this extremely well because this is part of their Soul Purpose.

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