Stagnating or Flowing?

In yesterday’s post, I compared the Sea of Galilee, which flows and empties, to stewarding through cash flow.  Then I compared the Dead Sea, which has no outlet, and is thus so saline that it doesn’t support life, to the hoarding of wealth.

Is your money flowing or stagnating?
Is your money flowing or stagnating?

This natural picture occurs similarly in the spiritual with our finances.  Our money should not be accumulated (hoarded) as most all advisors recommend, but instead used to buy assets that create more cash flow.  When this is done, new cash flow is created, and we are again free to seek God to determine whether this money should be used to serve others, or used to buy new assets so that the amount of cash flow coming in the following year will be even greater.

This system has multiple benefits.  First, it puts us in the position to be maximally reliant on God with our finances.  Rather than putting money somewhere and forgetting about it, our money is constantly flowing back to us and giving us another opportunity to seek God with answers for where it should go.  Give it away?  Invest it?  Where?

It’s also a more effective way of building wealth.  Money simply grows better when you are focused on results now.  All successful corporations think this way.  In the late 90’s, there was a trend of companies that didn’t need to worry about profits because they anticipated that they would make them someday.

Those companies all went out of business.

These same truths apply to your own stewardship.  When you are focused on investing your assets in ways that produce results now, you escape the temptation to put money away waiting for the big payday…someday.

So – is your money stagnating or flowing?

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