Economic Indicators of Depression

Economic indicators point towards a depression.  Signs are everywhere.  We began speaking about this last week.  Today, we’ll begin to look at these economic indicators so that you can see for yourself the signs of depression. Western Governments, lead by the United States, have for decades utilized the printing and borrowing of money along with […]

Economic Update on Recent Bank Failures

It’s been a while since our last Economic Update Video and today’s will focus on bank failures.  I’ve been sick (or had allergies) for a couple weeks and so we have alot of economic news to cover because there’s been a tremendous amount going on in the world.  We’ll be showing several videos in a […]

Economic Update – Banking System Failure

We’re focusing on the failure of the banking system in this week’s economic update video. We decided to start this one with some good news in commercial real estate.  We then move into some bleaker news out of our banking system as well as mortgage delinquency news, Warren Buffett’s partner and the St. Louis Federal […]

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