Governments Conspire to Massively Change World Currencies

Did you know that politicians and their economists know exactly the right thing to do to fix political/economic problems? It’s true; they just don’t know how to do it in our own countries.  It might seem bizarre that they know how to do it in far off lands, but that they don’t have a clue […]

History of Money

Money has meant different things to different people over the centuries and millennium.  We began yesterday discussing the problems facing our money today and will begin looking at how these problems have occurred historically so you can see the need to protect yourself from a recurring phenomenon. In the late 1600’s England established money backed […]

The Importance of Value Creation

The other day, we began looking at value propositions within investment choices.  Today, we’ll continue that with a few more examples. 1)      Let’s say that you live in a hot real estate market and values have been driving up.  You’re considering buying one of three properties. The first is a single family home in a […]

So What is Risky and What is Safe?

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Luke 12:34) Many Americans today need to lose all of their wealth so that we can turn our lusts away from material things and focus them back on God.  We believe God is bringing about such a time to give many this blessing.  Material/Physical […]

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