Europe Will Experience a Sovereign Default (and Perhaps Multiple Defaults) in 2012

We spoke on Friday about the possibility of sovereign default in Europe.  There is the possibility that the European Central Bank (ECB) will print enough money to bail out all the problem countries.  However, this would surely lead to hyperinflation and since Germany is still the main power in Europe, this seems unlikely to us […]

Inflation vs Deflation & the Rising Risk of Hyperinflation

Real Estate says Deflation, Most everything else says Inflation & the danger of Hyperinflation continues to loom with the ever increasingly dangerous games that Washington & New York are playing. Today, we’ll continue to focus on some signs of inflation & its affects as well as those which could easily lead to a currency collapse […]

Hyperinflation Economic Update Video Pt.2

Hyperinflation to the US Dollar is a serious threat in the coming months and years.  This economic outlook video looks into factors which could affect your life.  This series of videos began here.  In this hyperinflation update video, we look at the continuing fall of the US Dollar, the increasing US deficit, and the fact […]

Hyperinflation, Deflation & the Currency War Pt.2

The Currency War has begun.  Hyperinflation is looking more likely. Will is strike the US?  Deflation is grinding our economy down as we speak.  Will a more severe version be our fate?  Today’s video is Part 2 of the Update on hyperinflation, deflation, & currency wars.  Most of the world has undertaken policies to debase […]

Hyperinflation, Deflation & the Currency War

Hyperinflation is a horrible disaster. Will is strike the US?  Deflation is a grinding economy killer.  Will this be our fate?  Today’s video is an Update on hyperinflation, deflation, & currency wars.  Most of the world has undertaken policies to debase their own currencies at the expense of their own poor and middle class for […]

Inflation & the Four Outcomes of the European Debt Crises

Inflation can be deadly to your financial well being.  We’ve been discussing the factors which could bring serious inflation to this country soon.  Friday, we looked at the reasons that Europe’s sovereign debt crises will be our debt and inflation crises soon.  Today, we’ll follow up by looking at the four possible outcomes that could […]

The Growing Sovereign Debt Crises will be Here Soon

Sovereign debt is a ballooning problem.  As each countries’ debt grows it becomes clearer that theses debts will never be paid off.  We’ve been discussing the core problems facing the US Dollar.  Now, let’s look at the early dominoes to fall.   Greece was the first to experience this Sovereign Debt Crisis. (Interesting that this all […]

United States Dollar & Treasury Auctions

Today we’ll look at the Dollar & Treasury auctions.  We’re continuing our series on difficulties facing the Dollar and how this could be catastrophic to your financial life.  The Dollar has been the world reserve currency for decades, but there are signs that that will change.  One early warning is seen at the Treasury auctions […]

The National Deficit & Growth in Money Supply

Continuing our discussion from yesterday, the growth in the United States national deficit and money supply foreshadow difficulty for the Dollar. As the Dollar supply increases, the value of our Dollars decreases We’ve been looking at factors which could lead to the destruction of Americans’ wealth and purchasing power.  Today, we’ll look at these two […]

US Dollar – Healthy?

On Friday, we showed you the history of the Dollar. So let’s now look at the U.S. Dollar with eyes wide open and see if this is a fiat currency that can buck the trend of following every other fiat currency into the wastebasket of history… There are a couple really important things to look […]

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