Where’s the Economy Headed Next?

The economy is turning.  For a couple years now its been struggling along with a limp, but its now fallen to its knees.  Will the economy get back to its feet?  Or will it collapse in its own drool?  This is our first economic update video in a while, but you can see the last […]

Economic Outlook & Stock Market Indicators Video – Pt 1

This economic outlook video looks into factors affecting the world & US economy as well as the stock market.  You can find all the economic update videos here.  In this economic update, we look at factors such as problems in the banking industry, Pension problems for US cities, the double dip beginning in housing, sentiment […]

Economy & Stock Market (Pt 1): Economic Update

The economy and the stock market are discussed in today’s economic update video as we continue our periodic series.  The economy is falling apart and soon the stock market will free fall.  More and more analysts are coming to understand this.  We look at the indicators that you need to know in order to protect […]

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