What is life like in Heaven? (Mt 6:19-24)

Matthew 6:19-7:6 We’ve been looking into the Sermon on the Mount which started with Matthew 5 to 7 and we’re continuing from Matthew 6:11-15 where Jesus taught us how to pray. As we take on this prayerful lifestyle, we begin to enter new Heavenly realities and Jesus explains here what Life is like in the Kingdom […]

What’s in it for us? (Mt 6:11-15)

Matthew 6:11-15 I almost started this post by beating the drum of “Worship God”…but I stopped because if you don’t get that, it sounds really boring. And if you do, you already know it’s the most amazing way you can live, and you don’t need me telling you. So I thought instead we’d talk about…What […]

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