Jesus’ Ministry to the Jews (Mt 10:1-10)

Jesus’ calling was remarkably consistent during His ministry. I might be tempted to think that since He is the living embodiment of God, He would be super complex, but that’s not what we see. I didn’t mention Matthew’s overview of Jesus ministry in Mt 9 Pt 1 or in Part 2, but Mt 9:35 sums […]

Are you “holy” enough? (Mt 9-Part 2)

Yesterday, Part 1 of Mt 9 looked at the faith aspects of the chapter and how we can block God’s blessings in our life. Today we look at what kind of person God is looking for to be His emissary on earth. If you feel like you are not holy enough or in some other […]

Are you allowing God’s miracles in your life? (Mt 9–Part 1)

Matthew 9 Two main themes strike me as I read this chapter and after I wrote them out decided to break this into two separate posts. The first is the importance of Faith in God’s ability and willingness to transform our circumstances in order for Him to do that work in our lives. Since we […]

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